The Solar Savings Club

The Solar Savings Club
Stewart Ogilby
Stewart Ogilby
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The decision whether or not to install solar electric power is fundamentally a financial one. Is it worthwhile? Are there out-of-pocket expenses? What are the terms, financial advantages or disadvantages? How long will it take to break even? Are there substantial savings and if so, how much? How does one accurately compute the return on investment? Join here to get independent answers to the financial questions.

Unlike solar-industry "co-ops", your personal data is held in confidence and will never be released by us to any third parties such as installation companies and their salesmen.

This website and free "club" have been put together to provide you information about residential solar electricity without being bombarded by companies and salesmen. It will assist you in doing your own homework on this subject. There is valuable information available and we have created a useful synopsis for persons who enroll here.

You will recive names and contact information of homeowners in your area who have lived with solar electric (photovoltaic) power that was installed in their house more than a year ago from any participating installation company you decide to contact.

Representatives of these companies have assured us, in writing, that they meet the Club's following basic participation guidelines:

  1. Produce, upon request, evidence of solar installation licensing.

  2. Produce, upon request, a copy of their insurance policy and bonding information.

  3. Perform all installation themselves and do not sub-contract any installation work.

  4. Warrant that they have installed residential solar systems for at least 4 years.

  5. Warrant that they have installed at least 150 photovoltaic residential power systems.

  6. Will give to you, in writing, customized details including power, installation cost, and projected savings.

  7. Upon request, will provide verifiable references from three or more of their customers whose home solar power systems have been installed in your area for at least one year.

  8. Any company whose name and contact information is given to you as a member of The Solar Savings Club agrees to credit you with a $150.00 discount on the cost of installing solar electric power in your home. This discount does not have to be honored by any installer you contacted before joining The Solar Savings Club.

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If you have neighbors or friends curious about adding solar electric to their homes feel free to share with them information regarding home solar power and participating installers in your neighborhood.

An exploding industry: Top 10 states & number of homes - Dec. 2015*
California   3,319,000
Arizona   327,000
North Carolina   223,000
New Jersey   257,000
Nevada   191,000
Massachusets   163,000
New York   108,000
Hawaii   146,000
Colorado   103,000
Texas   57,000
If your state is not here, contact us for information. Is your state's "Public Utilities Commission" acting in the public interest or in corporate interests?

* Solar Energy Industry Assn.

Disclaimer and full disclosure:
This website and its entire content has been prepared to assist enrolled Club members to obtain accurate information and reliable services pertaining to the installation of solar electric power, not to sell solar power systems. Neither Stewart Ogilby nor The Solar Savings Club supports, guarantees, or warrants work or information given by any company regardless of its claim to meet the Club's guidelines. Following photovoltaic installation by a company whose name was included in information provided to the member the company may pay to the club a nominal referral fee in compensation for good and valuable work performed on behalf of all members.